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Dr Tim Kempton has a Bachelor of Rural Science and a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry. He established Stance Equine over 30 years ago. He is a keen horseman and a stockman, competing at many levels, throughout Australia. He also rode on the around Australia horse ride to coincide with the opening of the Sydney 2000 Olympics. He has ridden many miles throughout outback Australia and the United States.

During his career as a research scientist, Dr Tim questioned the logic of feeding horses on high grain feeds, especially when he saw competition horses often suffering from hot and fizzy behaviour, and cramped or tied up when in work. He researched the effects of high starch diets on horse behaviour and performance and evaluated many feeds including rice bran and coconut meal. It is now well known that high NSC (non structural carbohydrate) feeds are a major contributor to obesity and the associated metabolic disorders in horses including gastrointestinal ulcers, colic, lameness, laminitis, EMS and Cushing's disease.

Dr Tim pioneered the research into coconut meal and coconut oil in horse and cattle nutrition in the 1980?s. CoolStance is the foundation Stance Equine product which is now available to dedicated horse owners around the world.

CoolStance is GMO and chemical free. It is good quality coconut meal and contains a high level of digestible energy (from the 8-10% coconut oil, and the digestible fibre) and a low NSC (11%). It is an excellent feed for most horses. CoolStance coconut meal is now fed widely fed throughout Australia, and is also available in the US, UK, South Africa and New Zealand.

Stance acquired Equitec Performance Products to form Stance Equitec. The Equitec range of neutraceutical products are formulated to support the digestive, nervous, immune and neural systems.  Equitec Performance Products was founded by Ken Ford, a Naturopath Chiropractor who applies the principles of biogenics to horses.  Ken has a unique and holistic understanding of the roles and interrelationships of natural herbs and compounds, and how they impact health and wellbeing. 

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