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  • Feeding Oils to Endurance Horses for Aerobic Performance (part 2)

    In previous articles, we discussed why endurance horses are designed to operate at peak performance under aerobic conditions, i.e. in the presence of oxygen, and why grain is the enemy of the endurance athlete. We introduced the term ATP which is the...

  • Anhydrosis- a Heated Issue

    ANHYDROSIS A HEATED ISSUE   It’s summer time in the Northern Hemisphere, which means the mercury is rising and the sun is shining! All in all, it’s a wonderful time of year- or at least it should be. For horses with Anhydrosis, it...

  • Feeding the Endurance Athlete (part 1)

    Feeding the Endurance Athlete Dr Tim Kempton Stance Equitec. This series of articles explores and challenges the science of feeding and training of performance of endurance athletes.  Setting the scene.    Elite athletes, be...

  • Coconut Meal? My Horse Won’t Eat That!

    I get some version of this response (title of article) just about every time I strike up a conversation with someone new about  Cool Stance. But, the truth is, I have yet to meet a horse that hasn’t readily accepted it when transiti...

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