Coconut or copra meal for horses

What is coconut (copra meal)

Coconut or copra meal is derived from coconuts grown in Tropical Countries (Read More). 


Turmeric for horses

There has been considerable interest in administering turmeric to horses during recent years. 

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Stance Equitec Quality Assurance.

Stance is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). 

Stance is also an accredited cGMP supplier with FeedSafe in Australia

Coconuts for Horses

Stance Equine pioneered the use of coconut (copra) meal to horses. The all natural, GMO and chemical free coconut meal that is of assured quality and low aflatoxin is our CoolStance. CoolStance is the only high energy, low NSC, all natural equine product available globally. CoolStance, administered as a supplement to medium quality hay, grass or pasture, together with a trace mineral vitamin mix offers a complete feed.  CoolStance is suitable for most performance and leisure horses. 

Stance -Equitec Natural Products

Equitec Performance Products are neutraceutical products curated to give holistic, natural support to performance equines. The intended use of the Stance Equitec products are as supplements. 

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